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Bridle Paths

Through the ancient New Forest, over the lonely mountains of Wales, and across the rugged landscape of Scotland, the renowned author investigated the nooks and crannies of this island kingdom - including a visit to his dear friend and mentor, Robert Cunninghame Graham. Mounted on his gentle Cob mare, Violet, Tschiffely details the last roving adventure of its kind. “Bridle Paths” is a final poetic look at a now-vanished Britain, as it was before the advent of suburbia changed it forever.

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First published by William Heinemann Ltd. in 1936
The dedication reads:  "To the memory of my friend, "DON ROBERTO" (R. B. Cunninghame Graham) who - since I have written this story - has set out on his last ride."
There was another edition published by The Travel Book Club in 1947

The Long Riders' Guild Press edition, published in 2001.

Photographs taken on the journey and discovered in a copy of the book in Australia

Photos of Tschiffely and Violet found in Bridle Paths - Dated May 9, 1936

Tschiffely's inscription in Bridle Paths to Miss Joyce Eyre-Matcham, owner of Violet

The First Day

The first day - New Forest

On the Berkshire Downs

The Bridge in Oxfordshire - Violet has to pay two coppers or swim

Taking in the scenery at Dorcestershire and taking grub at the same time

Turning grass into horse power

Violet eats her way into Wales

Getting the local low down - Lake District

In spite of being very busy filling her tummy, Violet admires the scenery from the shores of Lake Windemere

Who said only Welsh ponies could climb?

Violet's first feed in Scotland

Waiting for the bridegroom - Gretna Green, Scotland

Mr. R.B. Cunninghame Graham and Violet at the door of Ardoch, Cardross, the end of the long trail


Mr. Cunninghame Graham sits a la gaucho and Violet acts a la statue of war horse


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