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Assorted Correspondence and Certificates

Copy of Southern Cross to Pole Star inscribed to "Don Roberto" in 1933.  It's signed "A. F. Tschiffely (Aimé) y los pingos 'Mancha' y 'Gato'."

Copy of Bridle Paths inscribed to Jean Cunninghame Graham's parents.  "To Capt. & Mrs. Angus Cunninghame Graham.  with all best wishes, A. F. Tschiffely - Aimé, London, May 9th 1936."

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Letter from his fellow Long Rider, Charles Furlong, to Aimé Tschiffely, dated May 15th, 1948, in which Furlong expresses sorrow at Mancha's death.

Letter from Carlotta Frahm to Aimé Tschiffely, dated 9th June 1952, expressing an interest in publishing his book in Norwegian.

Letter from E. Grahame Paul dated July 16th, 1952 in which he claims he was in possession of Tschiffely's saddle.

Second page of Paul's letter, on which Aimé Tschiffely has written, "The saddle I used is in the Museum of Luján."

Handwritten list of Aimé Tschiffely's publications on the stationery of the Solanet Ranch.

Page two of handwritten list.  Here Aimé has added more titles in red ink.

Royalty document from Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. - Tschiffely's books had brought in the princely sum of £2.16.4!  (That's two pounds, sixteen shillings and fourpence in Britain's pre-decimal currency.)

Aimé Tschiffely was a Freemason!  This is one of his Masonic certificates....

... and this is the other.

Thanks to Oscar Solanet, we have a copy of the letter Aimé wrote to his father to enquire about using Criollo horses for his journey. Interestingly, when he wrote the letter in November 1924 he had a slightly different itinerary in mind.


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