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Presentation of books to Canning House in London

Canning House, located in beautiful Belgrave Square near Buckingham Palace,  is a charitable foundation, its mission being to promote understanding between the UK, Iberia and Latin America on a broad front including trade, diplomacy, politics and economics and particularly culture.


In July 2005 The Long Riders' Guild presented the twenty-seven equestrian travel books in our collection which deal with Iberian and Latin-American journeys.  Many people have made Long Rides in South America, some of them inspired by Aimé Tschiffely and Robert Cunninghame Graham. An increasing number of people are riding in Spain, too, making the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.  Indeed, The Guild has a special page on its website for that route.


The President of Canning House, Lord Garel-Jones, introduced the Long Rider authors present at this event.


Basha O’Reilly, one of the Founders of The Long Riders' Guild, talked about The Guild and about Horse Travel Books and its mission


Sir John Ure, diplomat, author and traveller, rode across the Andes in the late 1960s.  This resulted in the first in a series of distinguished books, Cucumber Sandwiches in the Andes, an absolutely delightful account of the journey.  Sir John is the newest full Member of The Guild.


Robin Hanbury-Tenison (on the left in this photograph, with Lord Garel-Jones) - author, traveller and explorer, spoke on behalf of the authors and congratulated The Guild for getting so many important books back into print.  Click here to go to The Hanbury-Tenison Collection.


Jean Cunninghame Graham (Jean, Lady Polwarth), great-niece of the famous “Don Roberto,” presented the books on behalf of The Guild to the Canning House Library.  Several of Don Roberto’s books have been put back into print by The Long Riders' Guild.  The Guild is also very proud to have published Jean’s biography of her truly amazing ancestor.  Click here to go to The Cunninghame Graham Collection.  On the right is a picture of a statue of Don Roberto which was presented to Canning House by Aimé Tschiffely, of whom Jean is the literary heir.
With Lord Garel-Jones looking on, Jean then presented Basha with Don Roberto’s silver-handled crop, with the request that she take it with her on her forthcoming World Ride.   Basha was very touched by this fantastic gift and will treasure it always - even though she hopes she won't have to use it!


Lord Garel-Jones closed the formal proceedings, thanking The Guild on behalf of Canning House and making a moving speech on the great values which Robert Cunninghame Graham upheld in all his endeavours.

John Greaves (left) with Sir John Ure

The two newest Associate Members of The Guild were also present – Canning House Vice-President, John Greaves and his son Alexander.  The father-and-son Long Rider team rode across the Andes!



Click on any of the photographs on this page, all taken by Dan Bachmann, to enlarge them.


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