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Memorials to Aimé Tschiffely, Mancha and Gato

"After cremation in London, Aimé’s ashes were sent to Argentina, where on November 13, 1954, the country said good bye to her adopted son in a grand and dignified funeral. Led by high ranking delegations from Government, Parliament and many other Institutions hundreds of horseman and horsewoman as well as people on foot followed the urn to the Recoleta cemetery, Argentina’s noblest and most important. The urn was temporarily placed there while waiting to be transferred to a memorial the authorities planned to erect in Aimé’s honour at the place from which he had started his trip with Mancha and Gato in 1925. Alas, it was not to be. Those were the times of the dictator Perón; already at the time of the funeral there was political unrest, which increased in 1955. In the September 1955 Revolution Perón was ousted, years of political turmoil and economic instability followed. Apparently, due to lack of money the memorial was never built and Aimé never had a proper tomb. For almost four decades the urn remained forgotten in some obscure corner of the cemetery. It was only in the1990s that Oscar Emilio Solanet, the son of the famous horse breeder Emilio Solanet, who gave the horses to Tschiffely, and some of Oscar’s friends, were able to trace the urn at the Recoleta cemetery and, after many difficulties und troubles, were allowed to take it to the El Cardal ranch." 

If anyone would like to visit Aimé's grave, please contact the Long Riders Guild.

We are grateful to Oscar Solanet for these photographs of the Memorial to Aimé (left) which is on his El Cardal ranch, and a statue of the three friends (right) which is at the Plaza Colon in Ayacucho.



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